The Jolen group has been a pioneer in the skin care and beauty industry for the last 70 years and today the company sells its products to the biggest retailers in the world. It has been a commendable journey, something which started out from a small fold out kitchen in Chelsea, New York, it is now a worldwide renowned group with a rich history.
Redefining and recreating a new market in the skin care and beauty industry was what the Jolen group had envisioned from the very beginning. We are elated to share with you some snippets from our memorable journey so far.
Jolen Products have instilled a sense of unique confidence in my daily skin care and beauty regime and I believe that it has definitely redefined the term "real beauty" in the most authentic manner.
The World of Jolen

Jolen brings to you innovative and advanced technology through a range of beauty products which are designed for the modern woman of today.
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We know how much you love the feeling of instant gratification; hence we design beauty products to cater to your on-the-go lifestyle with utmost care. Jolen New York is the purveyor of all your beauty needs providing a full circle of care, ranging from skin beautification and hair care solutions to a range of new and improved beauty solutions.